WeatherTech CupFone

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WeatherTech CupFone

The WeatherTech CupFone is a great way to keep your hands free and eyes on the road. CupFone is a mobile phone holder that sits conveniently in any vehicle’s cup holder. Fully adjustable tilt and rotation allows you to easily see your favorite app when on the road. Makes hands free voice commands easy to use along with hands free telephone calls. Allows you to leave your phone plugged in while it is in the holder and you can effortlessly, and with one hand, remove your phone from the holder or replace it without ever having to disconnect your charging cord. 

  • Manufacturer Parts Number(s) - Vary Based on Option(s) Selected
  • Product Options: 
    • CupFone (Fits mobile devices that measure between 2 3/8" wide to 3 3/8" wide and 9/16" deep.) - 8ACF2CS
    • CupFone Two View (Can be used with either Portrait or Landscape mode) - 8ACF5TV
    • CupFone XL (Exact Width Range: 2.86" to 4.11" Depth: 0.67") - 8ACF4XLCS
    • CupFone w/ Sanitizer and Holder - 8ACF8
    • CupFone XL w/ Sanitizer & Holder - 8ACF9XL
    • CupFone Duo Original (Holds 1 or 2 phones in a fully adjustable position) - 8ACF11D
    • CupFone Duo XL8ACF12XLD
  • All Options available in Black